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Automated Pick and Place Bagged Snacks Case Study

Robotic Pick & Place for loading bagged snack products in to Shelf Ready Cartons or multipacks.

Robotic Packing equipment by TEKPAK Wexford.

Project Brief

  • Reduce labour costs associated with manual case packing
  • Increase throughput on the line by continuous packing process
  • Create a system that is flexible, fast to size-change and easy to operate
  • Design and build a system that can handle the bags to multipacks and bags to Shelf Ready Packs.

Technical Solution

We designed and built a complete solution that was customized for our client to give maximum flexibility. Tekpak designed and manufactured the complete line, taking responsibility for the design, manufacture and the project management of the complete line.

The line incorporates integrated carton erectors that can handle 3 different carton sizes.

Specially designed seal check units to check the bag seals; Robotic Pick and Place System for bags to multipack flow wrapper and auto assisted manual pack stations. Case Packing bags to shelf ready cases.


  • Reduction in labour on the case packaging line
  • No breaks in production – continuous packaging process
  • Improved competitiveness for the manufacturing facility
  • Improved image with the customer – robotic investment viewed as a positive step