Cake Bars and Cookie Factory

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Cake Bars and Cookie Factory

Product singulation, rotation & feeding to client’s high speed flow wrapper

Cake Bars and Cookie Factory

Project Brief

To design and manufacture a system that will take rows of cake bars arriving from an ultrasonic cutter, distribute them into single lane, turn them narrow edge leading for feeing to an existing flow wrapper.

Technical Solution

  • Singulation system with receiving, acceleration and launching conveyors to create gaps between rows of product arriving broad edge leading for distribution to a 90 degree transfer single lane
  • 90 degree rotation system to turn bars from broad edge to narrow edge leading for presentation to an inline smart-belt system
  • Accufeed 6 – six-module belt system with inter-product gap recovery conveyors
  • Phasing control for synchronisation of products with infeed flights of flow-wrapper
  • Dynamic arrival rate calculation and speed control signal to flow-wrapper


Automated system – reduced manual labour and requirement for product handling

Increased throughput

Easier line clearance