Cakes & Muffins Case Study

Automatic Loading of Muffins into individual flow wrap or multipack flow wrap and automated handling of cakes in acetate trays.


Project Brief

Reduce manual labour by automating the packing of cakes and muffins and reducing manual labour including:

  • Loading to Flow Wrapper
  • Closing the Acetate Tray Lids
  • Topping Application (choc sprinkles etc)

Technical Solution

Our customer – a supplier to some of the largest supermarket chains, wanted to automate the end of line packing of cakes and muffins. In the past they were removed from the line manually and stored for cooling on wire trays then manually batch fed into the downstream packaging equipment by hand and placed into the acetate trays.

In order to facilitate this we designed and manufactured special equipment that was not available as standard machinery which included:

  • System to automatically distribute products from the continuous oven to the secondary packaging lines
  • Automatic Feeding to Flow wrapper
  • Twin headed labelling system adapted to meet with the speed requirements.
  • Automated lid closer and topping dispenser.


  • Virtual elimination of manual packing on the line
  • Significant cost savings
  • Continuous production process so increased throughput