Packaging Automation Case Study (Large Pharmaceuticals company)

Carton Loading Line for Pharmaceutical Product incorporating leaflet inserter, 2D Matrix Code Printer, 2D Matrix Code Reader and reject system for non-conforming product.

Project Brief

Design and build a reliable carton loading system for ensuring that 100% of cartons contain the correct number of bottles, information leaflet and the correct 2-D Matrix Code.

The system should be designed to pass rigorous Validation tests and meet with Pharmaceutical specifications and cGMP

Technical Solution

This line was customised to suit the exact requirements of our client. It included several Quality Control features including:

  • Bottle presence sensors – to check that the correct number of bottles were in the cartons
  • Reject system – in case there were less bottles in the carton than there should have been coming from the manual pack line.
  • Leaflet Inserter and sensor to check leaflet presence (reject system if leaflet not present)
  • Vision system to check pattern match the 2-D Matrix Code on the bottle (plus reject system if the code is non-conforming)

We worked closely with the client project team to design and develop a system that met all of the requirements in the URS.


  • Validated process for ensuring that the correct information is on each carton
  • Improved compliance
  • Reduced Manual labour on the packaging line