Robotic Pick and Place

Tekpak have developed a range of standard Robotic Pick and Place modules which, can be easily applied to a wide range of pick and place applications, from simple, Point to Point (Single Axis) to complex, high speed motion control using Delta Robots (Three and Four Axis).

Tekpak are specialists in Robotic Pick and Place systems, particularly those where there is a high degree of complexity or requirement to integrate with OEM systems.

Range of Robotic Pick and Place Systems
Model/Series Application
Single Axis TD1-PTP Series For picking and placing from one fixed position to another fixed position, where the motion profile at the pick head is a spline curve without vertical trajectory at pick or place points. For example, placing a leaflet on to a stack.

Two Axis Delta Robot (with or without Rotation)

For picking and placing from one fixed position, where the motion profile at the pick head has vertical trajectory at pick or place points. For example, placing products in to a carton or case.

Three Axis Delta Robot

For picking and placing from moving positions where the motion profile at the pick head moves in x,y and z axis. For example, loading flow packs in to an infeed of a Cartoner or Flow wrappers. Picking and placing products using Vision guidance.

Four Axis Delta Robot


A version of the TD3 Series, three axis Delta Robot but where the product must also be rotated or turned during the pick cycle. For example, transferring a product through 90 degrees during the pick and place cycle or placing in to a smaller pitch from the pick position. 
Robotic Palletising Cells Tekpak can integrate OEM Palletisers as part of a complete packaging line, including Design of the full packaging line, Programming of the Palletising Cell and Safety Hardware integration.
  • High speed and complex motion control.
  • Pick and place using Collation (to accurately control product pick and place positions)
  • Pick and place using Vision Cameras to accurately locate, pick and place randomly arriving products.
  • Loading to Flow wrapper or Cartoner
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • GMP Design Features
  • Highly configurable for most applications
  • Customisable end effectors (Tekpak proprietary design)
  • Stainless Steel Frame suitable for Pharmaceutical or Food Environments
  • Clean Room version of the Delta Robot available
  • Configurable with all of the features required to assist with 21CFR Part 11 compliance, such as Active Directory, Audit Log and Time Synchronisation with the client server.
  • Control System –Schneider® and Allen Bradley® available
  • Operator Interface – Colour Touchscreen with Intuitive Design
  • Innovative features to assist with autonomous maintenance and TPM
  • Size change using S.M.E.D philosophy
  • Mechanical adjustments on robust screw/slides with numeric indicators and graduated scales.
  • Size change & Format settings displayed on HMI (timers, counters, electronic positioning etc)
  • Fully automatic size change versions available
  • Fast, secure Line Clearance
Typical products handled:
  • Blister packs
  • Vials
  • Pill bottles
  • Pre-Filled Syringes
  • Metered Dose Inhalers
  • Biscuits, chocolate bars, baked goods
  • Confectionary

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