Customised Packaging SolutionsWhen an off the shelf solution will not get the results that you need, or if you are launching a brand new packaging format, talk to us about our customised packaging line automation lines.

We work with our customers to ensure that their needs can be met for a reasonable cost and as efficiently as possible. We are dedicated to ensuring that you get the right system and design our products to match your needs.


Some examples of our customised automation systems:

  • Singulation System for Thermoformed products
  • De-moulding robot for taking injection moulded items directly from the moulding machine to a collated matrix.
  • System for automatically dispensing sprinkles on cakes.
  • Special Divert gates for managing product distribution.
  • Tilt and tuck mechanism for closing trays of chocolates.
  • Acetate tray closing system.