Our Passionate Team are All Engineers at Heart

September 20, 2019 By Kespa Systems

We recruit people who are engineers at heart.  This is our philosophy here at Tekpak Automation.

We started out in our home way back in 2003 and within a decade we developed Tekpak into a company that was finding packaging solutions for major European food brands and pharmaceutical companies.  We couldn’t have done this without being passionate about what we do and without hiring people who love their job.

Tekpak was established in 2003 as a limited company by our CEO and Managing Director John Kehoe who had 30 years’ experience in the packaging industry abroad.  His ambition was to move back to Ireland and to set up a manufacturing company here. His background as an electronics engineer with a specialty in robotics who worked in the packaging industry meant he had a unique foresight into how the industry was about to move.

All that time he could see that robotics was going to be an area of growth.

Initially established as a distributor – with some small project work – we didn’t start manufacturing until 2007, initially for food companies in the UK market. Over the years the pharmaceutical sector has grown, and today it accounts for about 80 per cent of our work.  Today our main customers are multinationals with Irish based manufacturing plants. Very big pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, Sonofi, you get the picture.  Of the world’s 50 top pharma companies, we look after the robotic packaging needs for 13.

Located in an industrial estate in Wexford town since 2007, we bought the company building in 2017 and we have developed part of the unit to become a full line test centre so we can bring in machines from other manufacturers and form full packaging lines with our own.

The idea is simple, but also unique to this part of the world, namely that the robotic element is built here in Tekpak Automation in Wexford, but there might be a primary packaging machine before ours and a secondary packaging machine also.

Here at TekPak put the T in Teamwork and work with other machinery companies who have built the machines before or after. Our robots have been exported to the UK, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Italy and the USA, through working with strategic partners.

We work together with our six strategic partners to ensure our customers get exactly what they need. The repeat business we get shows how quickly word is spreading about our capabilities when it comes to engineering technical solutions for major companies operating in possibly the world’s most competitive industry.  We offer a unique, customized service to suit our customers’ needs.

From the initial point of contact in our dedicated technical and sales headquarters in Leeds or here in funky client zone over an espresso, we are here to listen, learn and create the packaging robot that is the right fit for your business.

The big line that was just integrated in the new part of the factory, for instance, could not have been achieved elsewhere as no other company can achieve the speeds of Tekpak Automation.

The pharmaceutical industry is thriving and capital investment in Ireland is growing.

Specialising in robotic pick and place where there is either a high element of customization or a high level of complexity in terms of product arrival or speeds, unlike other companies that do robotic pick and place like TekPak do, Tekpak robots handle products that are coming from a moving position and placed from a moving position to a moving position – complex.

When you choose us as your company you get added extras, including our world class after sales service, our commitment to give everything to get the project completed to your satisfaction and unrivalled technical expertise.

We can also offer a part of Ireland that is both beautiful and vibrant.

We live and work in Ireland’s sunniest county – so sunny, in fact, that it was christened the Sunny South East. With fantastic beaches within a short 15-minute drive from the Wexford town, there are plenty of stunning leisure options for you and your team while you are here seeing your line get configured and debugged

Historic Wexford is one of Ireland’s most beautiful towns and has wonderful restaurants, hotels, bars, leisure activities and numerous festivals throughout the year including the world-famous Wexford Festival Opera which runs for around 20 days every October, with art exhibitions, comedy, theatre and of course opera on the entertainment menu. Located 90 minutes from Dublin – largely on motorway – and 15 minutes from Rosslare Europort, Wexford is perfectly positioned on the Euro Corridor route so we benefit from immediate proximity to UK and European access ports.