TEKPAK Automation Has Your Company’s Future All Wrapped Up

September 18, 2019 By Kespa Systems

Hot off the presses – or the pick and place automated conveyor belt even! We now have a full line test centre here in our new 20,000 sq ft building in sunny Co Wexford to solve all your technical needs.  As Ireland’s foremost manufacturer of customized, automated packaging lines for manufacturers of pharmaceutical, medical devices and food products we can now take testing to the next level; making the ramp up time for you quicker and more satisfactory.

Having opened our doors in 2007, we’ve come a long way. From the get go our team saw how pack sizes were becoming smaller and that speeds were becoming faster so we recognized that there is a higher level of customization requirement, so it was all pointing towards the fact that robotics would feature more in packaging line automation.

Our owner John knows a thing or two about robotics, OK millions of things.

With over 45 years trade experience, he and his team of 35 employees have developed Delta robots that can deliver hundreds of blister packs per minute. And that’s just the start.  Among the capabilities of our robots include: robotic loading to flow wrappers, customized cartoners, auto-injector labelers, robotic case packaging, serialization of TE Labellers, robotic loading using vision, robotic loading to cartoner, wraparound tray packers; the list goes on.

Our design philosophy is based around Pharmaceutical Industry Standards and our robots are designed in accordance with User Specified Requirements.

Today we count 13 of the world’s top 50 pharma companies among our customers. The speed of our machines has to be seen to be believed which is all great news for you.  Here at our Wexford base we bring in machines from other manufacturers and form full packaging lines with our own. Our team build the robotic element, which can be connected to a primary packaging machine and a secondary packaging machine.

Specialising in robotic pick and place where there is either a high element of customization or a high level of complexity in terms of product arrival or speeds, we can deliver everything from blister sheets, to packaging for metered dose inhalers to medical devices and confectionary bars – all at lightning speeds.

We’ve recently completed a full test for a multinational pharmaceutical company, meaning they could test all their samples here prior to successfully completing the Factory Acceptance Test. From slow speeds we were able to build up to a level which is unrivalled in Europe.

Irish based multinationals can fully debug and configure their line here which reduces ramp up time once they get the production lines rolling at their own premises.

At Tekpak Automation we work with other machinery companies who have built the machines for before or after. We have exported to the UK, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Italy and the USA, through working with strategic partners and through these established partnerships our business has grown, especially pharmaceutical which accounts for 80 per cent of our customer base.

Having invested significantly in developing the offering to cater for the pharmaceutical market with our new test line centre we offer privacy, a dedicated team of up to 60 people and a proven track record of getting the job done one time and on budget.

We work closely with our client project teams so that we design and build a system that meets their requirements, following a Risk Managed Project Management philosophy.

Reliability is at the core of our business ethos. Our machines are fully tested so by the time they arrive at your company they are good to go. And in the event of any glitches we have a 24/7 after care team who will be on hand to help iron them out in Tekpak time.

The big line that was just integrated in the new part of the factory was a watershed moment, not only for us, but also for the pick and pack industry. No other company can achieve the speeds that our machines are capable of here at Tekpak.

Unlike other companies that do robotic pick and place like Tekpak do, our robots handle products that are coming from a moving position and placed from a moving position to a moving position – complex, I know, but that’s what we do.

In short this means great news for Irish based multinationals as they can fully debug and configure their line here which reduces ramp up time for you.