TEKPAK Has It All Wrapped Up

October 18, 2019 By Kespa Systems

It’s robotics Jim, but not as you know it.

Darragh Sinnott is one of our home-grown success stories.

Having started with us at 23 fresh from a Mechanical Engineering course, Darragh has grasped every opportunity and is today a company director.

You see our team is the core of our business. We recognized Darragh’s potential from the very start. By giving him additional responsibilities (OK we threw him in at the deep end), we have put our trust in him and the same goes for the 35 employees who work here alongside us at our 37,000 sq ft facility here in Co Wexford.

With his Mechatronics qualification he brought his level of expertise to new heights and combined with founder John’s robotics know how, along with a hard working team of staff from around the world, we have the ability to create robots that can pick and place at incredible speeds.

We are a very internationally minded company with 13 of the world’s top 50 pharmaceutical companies among our customers, and as our growth attests to we have the wherewithal and talent to grow further over the coming months and years.

We help our customers gain and maintain a competitive advantage through packaging line automation.

Drilling further into what that means – for you – we specialize in pharmaceutical, medical, diagnostics and high speed food technical wrapping solutions for your business. Our pharma robots can do the following at head spinning speeds: blister sheets, auto injectors, vials, hermetically sealed packs, plastic bottles, blood products in bags.  Our medical device offerings include metered dose inhalers, wound are products, contact lenses.  When it comes to diagnostics we have provided wrapping machines for kit assembly and blood testing kits.  When it comes to high speed food packaging we are experts in complex applications and row distribution.

Among the companies we’ve provided automated machines for are: Pfizer, Astellas, Grifols, Danone, Hollister and Bosch & Lomb.

We specialise in large scale projects where Tekpak machinery has to be integrated with OEM equipment to form full packaging lines.  Our machines have a GMP Design Philosophy. They are designed so that there is no negative impact on product quality.  And when it comes to keeping them shiny and super-efficient, we’ve ensured ease of cleaning with smooth surfaces and crevasses minimised, so no ‘dead zones’ for hidden product or materials.

We specialise in full packaging lines. Our design process is second to none.

When it comes to mechanical design process, from 2D layout sign off to 3D model and risk analysis we’ve got you covered.  Our Electrical Design Process crosses every t and dots every I, from establishing the base line machine and parameters to a full design review.  Our software design process moves from devising a strategy to review machine functioning and HMI content to compiling a fine alarms list and corrective actions.  See, we get machines and know that sometimes glitches occur but in our 42,000 sq ft facility we can do full testing. We go one step further than other companies and provide software back ups, a comprehensive spare parts list and of course our 24 hour tech support service.  Our machines are easy to set up and not dependent on fine tuning. They are operator friendly and safe and are easy to use and maintain.  The user interface is highly intuitive and all required procedures for operation and troubleshooting will be provided.

Robotics is growing and with our team of design engineers in the UK, Germany, Croatia. We have electronics engineers based in India, Bangladesh, we are the company to bring your company forward.

We started from the our and then a room in a warehouse. When you come see us for an espresso in our Client Zone, or chat to one of our technical sales team in Leeds, we listen. We specialize in customized robotics solution to solve all your technical needs and once you choose us we work around the clock to get your machine ready. We can have up to 60 people involved in a project at any one time. Privacy is assured. So if you’re an Irish based multinational, we are your nearest robotics experts.

Here at our Wexford headquarters we are less than 15 minutes from Rosslare Euoport and a short drive from Dublin Airport. We can get your robots made and tested and at your company incredibly quickly.  We’re only down the road for you to come and inspect our work and Wexford has lots to offer, from a social and leisure viewpoint.  We have vast experience in food packagaing. You can test all of the samples on your machine, starting at a slow level of pick and place and building it up to eye watering speeds.

Robotic case packaging, serialization of TE Labellers, robotic loading using vision, wrap around tray packers, auto-injector labelers, fully automated packaging lines, customised cartoners, robotic loading to cartoner, we do it all.

Just call our sales team for a consultation and we’ll provide you with a solution.  The robot will complete a Factory Acceptance Test here so ramp up time is significantly reduced.  From flow wrap to blister packs, from inhaler packaging to confectionary bar wrapping, we have you covered.  Darragh and our team work with companies like Hollister, Abbott, Astellas and our reliability and the quality of our work has led to repeat business.  Our design philosophy is based around Pharmaceutical Industry Standards and are designed in accordance with User Specified Requirements