Cartoning Machines

Tekpak designs and manufactures a range of Carton Packaging Machinery including Horizontal Cartoners, Vertical Cartoners, Carton Erectors, and Carton Closers.  

Horizontal Cartoner

A 2-Axis Delta Robot Loading Medical Devices 

Horizontal Cartoner

Flow Packed Medical Device with three leaflets packaged at 30 cartons/min

Blisters into Cartons

Blisters into Cartons With Servo Cross Transfer In To The Infeed Of A Flow Wrapper

Cartoner Loading

Flow Wrapper From Single High-speed Conveyor To Collator And Loaded To Infeed Of Cartoner

Carton Erecting

Lock Type Shelf Ready Cartons

Carton Forming

Three Point Lock Type Lid And Base

Flexible Pack – Cylindrical Product

Multiple Product Size Variations Loaded Into Cartons

Carton Closing

Shelf Ready With Glue Close

Horizontal Cartoners TC-H Series

Horizontal Cartoners perform the following range of tasks all within a single machine footprint:

  • Carton erecting
  • Assembling product stacks
  • Inserting IFU leaflets and sachets
  • Loading products into cartons
  • Closing by means of tuck or glue with/without TE
  • Integration of Serialisation available

Carton Erectors

We offer a range of Carton Erectors for Shelf Ready Cartons and Display Cases. The Carton Erector model is selected on the basis of size range, type of carton and the method of carton erecting by tape, glue or lock-type.

Carton Closers

Our range of Carton Closers are suitable for shelf ready cartons and display cases. The Carton Closer model is determined by size range, carton type and method of carton closing (tuck type, tape or glue).  

Cartoning System Features:

  • Compact Footprint
  • Customisable for the Application
  • Stainless Steel Frame Suitable for Pharmaceutical or Food Environments
  • Control System –Allen Bradley ®
  • Operator Interface – Colour Touchscreen with Intuitive Design
  • Innovative Features to Assist with Autonomous Maintenance and TPM
  • Size Change Using S.M.E.D Philosophy
  • Mechanical Adjustments on Robust Screw/Slides with Numeric Indicators and Graduated Scales.
  • Size Change & Format Settings Displayed on HMI (Timers, Counters, Electronic Positioning etc)
  • Fast, Secure Line Clearance

Applications For Cartoning Systems:

  • Shelf Ready Cartons
  • Lock Type Cartons

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