Technical Support

Tekpak is committed to serving our customers long after our packaging machinery has been installed. We work alongside our customers to provide continuous improvements ensuring machine longevity and improved life cycles. We believe in a proactive approach to maintenance which minimises disruptions, reduces operational costs and produces better overall results.

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UK: +44 (0)113 350 5694

Service Level Agreements

Technical service packages are offered in three levels to support customers operating at any size or scale. Having a preventative maintenance plan in place ensures optimal equipment performance at top speeds, reduces downtimes and provides more predictable maintenance costs. Most issues can be resolved remotely but when on-site visits are needed, our team of dedicated commission engineers and technical support staff will schedule a visit as quickly as possible.

Plans Can Include:

  • Remote Assistance via Phone and E-mail
  • Operator Training
  • Critical Spare Parts List
  • Comprehensive Machine Audit
  • Preventative Maintenance Check
  • Detailed Reports, Expert Recommendations and Action Plans

Technical Support services are designed to assist and collaborate with our customer’s own on-site technicians and operators. This ensures the correct and optimal use of the machines to minimize downtimes. Reduce packaging line disruptions and production delays with a service plan tailored to your specific requirements. 

Level 1: Basic Level 2: Intermediate Level 3: Advanced
Onsite Visit Frequency
Annual (1 visit) 1 – (8) hour day
Biannual (2 visits) 2 – (8) hour days
Triannual (3 visits) 3 – (8) hour days
Regular Inspection
Wear Parts List
Phone Support
Technical Support 24/7/365
Preventive Maintenance
Operator Efficiency Training
Service Tech Audit
Spare Parts Check-Up
Critical Spare Parts Kit
Maintenance Technical Training
On-Site Technical Support Services

On-Site Technical Expertise

An experienced Tekpak Service Technician can perform a complete on-site machine inspection to troubleshoot issues, identify breakdown causes and provide a complete wear parts list. Tekpak Technicians can also provide personalized training sessions to support client service engineers. Continuous training and upskilling ensures our customer’s on-site technicians and operators are deeply educated in all aspects of the machine’s capabilities and functionality. The results are greater ROI, reduced downtimes and improved maintenance autonomy. Personalised training sessions are available upon request.

Benefits of On-Site Technical Support & Training:

  • Solve Issues On-Site Through Experienced Tekpak Service Engineers with Intimate Machine Knowledge
  • Offer Support and Training to Client On-Site Technicians and Operators
  • Create an Environment for Greater Maintenance Autonomy
  • Reduce Long-Term Costs

Remote Access (VPN)

Remote Support Via VPN

Machine downtimes disrupt upstream and downstream processes which can be time consuming, wasteful, and costly if not repaired quickly. Our experienced remote service engineers can directly access, via an internet connection, the PLC, HMI and machines electrical systems to quickly diagnose issues and provide support to client on-site engineers. Remote support is the fastest and easiest way to troubleshoot issues while providing real-time consultation on maintenance issues.

Benefits of Remote Troubleshooting:

  • Fast Reactivity and Rapid Diagnostics
  • Reduced Downtimes and Intervention Cost
  • Minimise Risk of Damage Through Tekpak Engineer Guided Intervention
  • Remotely Connect from any Country

Technical Details of Remote Troubleshooting:

  • Remote Tekpak Engineer Can Directly Access PLC, HMI, Vision Systems, Servo Motors, or Electrical Components
  • Integrated During Machine Build or Retrofitted After SAT
  • IXrouter Establishes Secure Connection to IXON Cloud
  • Combined Industrial VPN Router and IoT Edge Gateway
  • End-to-end Remote Access to Any Brand PLC/HMI, IPC, Robot Or IP Camera
  • Internet Access Must be Wired to the Device; 2 Levels of Security are Available:
    • The VPN can be Disabled from the HMI
    • MAC/IP Address and Server/DNS Request Filtered from the IT Department

Real-Time Remote Service Support

Virtual Reality Technical Support - Tekpak

With the use of Merged Reality (MR), experienced Tekpak Engineers can interactively guide a client’s on-site technician through a support task such as a repair process with the use of a mobile device, tablet, or headset. Even thousands of miles away, language barriers and machine terminology no longer matter. Tekpak machine specialists can advise on complex tasks without needing to travel which can quickly resolve issues while reducing the chance for errors, minimising downtimes, and eliminating travel costs.

Benefits of Real-Time Remote Services:

  • Video Assistance for Immediate Customer Support
  • Augmented Reality for Live Direction of Field Technicians
  • Automatic Translations of Text and Voice
  • Connect with PC, Mobile App and Web Access
  • Remote Access via WIFI, Wired Connection or 4G/5G
  • App Store/ Google Play Download for Smartphone or Tablet
Guided Remote Technical Support with AR

Line Upgrade

Tekpak can modify, upgrade or revamp customer’s existing machine range (depending on machine type) to allow for new format types, improve speeds or increase the life cycle of the machine. Modifications are available upon request.

Benefits of Line Upgrade:

  • Increased Flexibility
  • Reduced Long-Term Costs
  • Low-Cost Feasibility Studies for Future Lines
  • Longer and Improved Machine Life Cycles
Robotic Pick and Place Packaging Solutions

Spare Parts

The Tekpak Spare Parts Department provides a service for procurement and quality control that ensures machine components are replaced regularly with new parts when they become worn out or defective.  With every Service Level Agreement, a list is provided of spare parts that most likely require replacement and therefor should be kept in stock on the customer’s premises. 

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